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Willkommen bei!


Ich freue mich, dass Ihr meine Seite besucht, viel Spass beim durchstöbern!


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05.06.2006: Deutscher Rekord in der Disziplin Constant Weight No Fins -32m, Dahab, Ägypten.

28.07.2006: Deutscher Rekord in der Disziplin Dynamic Without Fins- im See 68m, Hemmoor, Deutschland.



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23/11 2009:
Arrival at the Bahamas!

UPDATE FROM THE BAHAMAS! After traveling from Hamburg through Düsseldorf to Miami I spent quite some hours with ... yeah as always shopping in MIAMI!!! I had a beautiful time seeing my parents and then going to dinner at a nice Peruvian restaurant!!! They on the other hand were quite happy with the 40kg food I brought with me... tons of chocolate, German Bread, Spekulatius cookies, Christmas Stollen and ROLLMOPS iakkkkk....

Around 10 pm I just felt like a rock into sleep. Next morning I had to get up already at 5am to catch my flight from Miami to Nassau! The flight was quite short, around 1 hour in a ... well a .... very OLD Boing 737.... nothing was served... no water no tea, no coffee... quite rough though!

Ariving at Nassau I had about 3 hours for my next flieght to Deadman's Cay. I bought a hot dog, and got into a chat with a 60 year old Bahamian guy. And yes... I had arrived at paradise, no stress.. no rush all European Rush-living-life was left behind. People very layed back and relaxed.

But then.... around 10:30 am I spotted some guys getting off a taxi... yes with some weird fins... and then I noticed it was the team of Gran Canary Islands.... and 3 of the 6 guys I had met already 3 years ago in Egypt!!!! I was soooo happy to see them!!! And well I ahve to say they are much more spontanious ( or I better say much more chaotic) than myself... they did not even have a flight ticked! They just bought right at that moment and we had a fun time hanging out at the airport laughing exchanging old stories!

At 12:30 we took the DEHAVILLAND DASH 8 TURBOPROP to fly into Dadman's Cay, quite an experience! But I was so tired I just slept through the whole flight. I hope my crazy spanish guys did not take pictures of me....

The landing took place on a unpaved runway.... and peple were almost at the runway awaiting to met their parties... quite fun and exciting picture! Quite hard to describe... but just a huge feeling of infinite freedom! Like traveling to the outback!

We were picked up by Tanya who is organizing the athletes stay and car rentals.


We drove by the blue hole and I have to say it is beautiful... but scary! The hole is much smaller than in the pictures... but an amazing place!

Afterwards I went to have some dinner with the crazy Spanish guys, we had so much fun! Out of the 6 guys only 2 are going to participate..... I should do the same, just go to the competitions, but not participate... just hang out and enjoy life, no comp. stress!

I felt asleep around 8pm... and woke up around 6 am... still tired, but enjoying the nice weather, sitting at the hotels porch while going through my e-mails and now trying to figure out with whom to train with. Got a hold of Per the Swedish guy... getting a ride by Jarmila and the Czech guys to the Blue Hole... lets see how training goes!


Now I am back from training! Had some nice dives and I reached today’s goal of 25 m no fins. It is not very deep, but bearing in mind that my last diving training was in Croatia, I am really happy with this result. But nevertheless I still feel very tired from the travel. Unfortunately time is too short before the competition on Friday to get deeper. But my goal is to go for 35 or 36 meters. I was for a quite a long time in the water inspecting this weird Blue Hole, which is fascinating but being in the water I did not feel so scared as when looking to it from the outside. Visibility is unfortunately not very good, but the water temperature is great!

After training we went to eat something and now I will take a nap and get some rest for tomorrow.


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